building a team

Ok so I need to RESTART! Day one of training did NOT go as planned. I slept through my alarm and missed my spin class then was so busy at night I didn't get my workout in. But it's alllll goooood because I have some help this time! My wonderful, awesome, new friend and co-worker, Tiffany, is going to be helping me out since she has already done a figure competition and knows how it works!! (pic of her looking amazing during competition to be posted soon  :o) We went through my diet and workout plan today and decided to get a fresh start on Sunday. That doesn't mean I'm going to slack off this week, I'm still going to watch my diet and exercise, it just means I'm not going to be as regimented.

I also enlisted in the help of another kick ass friend and co-worker, John, who will be helping me with my workouts.  He put me through a trail session today to see what I can do and I can't wait for him to actually kick my butt!!

Yea training!