Workout schedule

So I mentioned that Tiffany and I sat down the other day and she helped me tweak my food and workout plan for the competition. So here is the workout plan that is to commence on Sunday: Sunday: Cardio. Taking Body Combat then walking at my target HR for 20-30 mins.

Monday: Spin in the morning then strength training in the afternoon. Shoulders, Bi's and Tri's then walking at my target HR for 20-30 mins.

Tuesday: Strength training. Legs and 15 minutes of plyometrics.

Wednesday: Cardio. Taking Body Combat (And convincing Kristyn to walk with me either before or after her session. :)

Thursday: Strength training and cardio. Back, Chest and Abs and teaching Body Attack.

Friday: Circuit training and body weight exercises, plyo's and abs. The option for this day is to use the stairs for 10 mins, yay!

Saturday: DAY OFF  :)

So there is the workout plan! Today I'm hoping we can really get my eating plan down and on Saturday I will go shopping. Food shopping is one of my most favorite things to do! I would rather go food shopping than clothes shopping. I could, and have gone, food shopping for 3 hours, especially at places like Wegmans, Costco and Trader Joe's. (Which I haven't been to in forever and my friend Melissa just reminded me about it! How did I forget about TJ's!! Sweet!) 

Hoping to update later on my food choices.