Yesterday: Up at 6am, out the door by 6:35, at work by 7am. Lots of organizing paperwork for myself and clients and making a list of people to call. One PT session, lunch, home, cook dinner, play with puppies, then back out the door for round 2 of work.

Back to work at 4pm.

Thursdays I teach a class called Body Attack. It's a high impact (that can be made low impact) cardio, plyo, strength training, everything type of aerobic workout that kicks your butt and I love it!! So, yesterday I decided to take Body Pump (full body strength training) before teaching my class to warm myself up since my legs were a still a little sore from my workout with Meg. Then I went all out in my Attack class since my Achilles is finally getting stronger - YAAAAYY!!!! I've been feeling a little under the weather so you can imagine, or maybe not, how tough it was to push through in Attack but I did it!! After my class my friend Jen, who was awesome and came to take my class, stayed and we did the first warm up track in Zumba. BTW, Zumba is a great class! If you love to dance, you'll love Zumba!! The first track is a shake-your-ass track (pardon the language haha) so I felt it needed to be taken. After that... I chugged some water, changed my clothes and finished my night with 2 clients.

Needless to say.... I was absolutely beat at the end of the day!!! I finally had some dinner, my George Foreman grilled veggies from yesterday, and a yummy protein shake and felt revitalized, but still tired. Then it was out for a birthday celebration with co-workers. I'm loving getting to know my new "family" (since I already feel like I never leave the gym haha) and am still excited to see what the future brings!

Tomorrow is food shopping for my diet which OFFICIALLY commences on Sunday. This is what I'm most nervous for! It's going to be tough, but I love a good challenge!