2/4 Happy Friday!

Had a busy morning! 3 clients, a workout with Manda Panda followed up by a workout with John kicking my ass! Amanda and I did cardio for 30mins - the kind of cardio you do without a machine. Ex: mountain climbers, sports drills, up and overs (can't think of what they are really called....) some active recovery like push ups and walking lunges, belt kicks etc. Then her and I worked a half an hour with John, which is always a good time, until she had to peace out then I finished out the hour strong. Definitely was working it and feeling it today! Oh yea!!!!

I'll be posting a Bio for John soon - so stay tuned! He rocks  :o)

Off to get my car all fixed! YAY!!! No broke dents, scratches, or broken visor! Even though I don't want to give back the Explorer I've been driving, I am kinda excited to get my little Civic back.

Oh, seeing Lauryn Hill tonight! Should be good.

Have a great weekend!