Tuesday: LEG DAY!  I rocked it out yesterday! Here are the exercises I did: Walking lunges. First 2 sets of 12 steps without weights then second two sets with 12lb dumbells. And then another 2 sets of 12 with my fav Krisyn!

Squat press: First set feet shoulder width apart with 90lbs, second with 140lbs, and third with 140lbs but feet together to target the glutes more.

Power Plate: 60 second squats. 45 second squat hold. 30 second one leg squat holds. 45 second lunges. 45 second calf raises with the last 15 seconds holding. 30 second calf raise while squatting (burns! haha) And maybe an extra set of calf raises and squats because I feel it today!

Hamstrings on Pilates Ball: 2 sets of 15 laying on back with feet on ball, hips raised, pulling heels to butt.

Hamstring curls on Machine and Quad extensions: (can't remember weight) One set of 15, both legs, one set of 10 on each single leg, then another set of 15 both legs.

Abductor and Adductor Machine. 3 sets total. 95lbs for adductor, 145lbs for abductor.

Step ups: 10 each leg, alternating. Then 8 each leg, no alternating and holding a 25lb weight.

Up and Overs on the Bosu ball. 3 sets total, 30 seconds per set. Did some with Kristyn as well.

Glute Machine: 2 sets total, I believe my weight was 65lbs.

Dead lifts: 50lb bar. 2 sets of 15.

Out, In and Ups.  One set of 8, then just Up raises 10 reps with a ten second hold. (hard to explain what these are)

I threw a bunch of abs in there too.



There it is!