2/21 - already??

Morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know I did  :).  After my shift on Friday, I did a light circuit and abs workout with Miss Panda then headed home to get ready for NYC. That night was out to Manhattan to see my sister and her fiance and indulge in my "cheat" meal of the week. I took full advantage of the amazing food at Bar'rique on the corner of Bleeker and Cornelia. (for anyone who wants a super delish dinner out in the city... check this place out!)  Saturday, I worked in the morning and had an awesome Attack class. Thanks to everyone who came! Such a great vibe that morning. After my shift I walked the stairs for 10 minutes then followed that up with some more abs and light arms. That afternoon I headed to the Gravity Vault in Chatham and went indoor rock wall climbing for about 3 hours. Highly recommend trying this out for anyone who hasn't!!! It's a challenge, and fun! Sunday morning I made it to Eclipse for Barbaras 8:30am Combat class to get my day going. I'm seriously addicted!! The rest of the day consisted of some laundry, a little cleaning, relaxing, napping, wandering the mall and prepping a bit of my food for the week. WHICH I completely forgot when I walked out the door this morning! Leave it to me to forget right?!?!?! Ugh!

Tonights workout is shoulder's, bi's and tri's with 20-30mins of walking at my target heart rate. I'm going to write in full detail what my workout is tonight and post either after or in the morning.

So far today I have eaten.... One piece of Ezeikel bread, plain. A Luna Protein bar (which is not part of my diet, but since I had forgotten my food this morning I figured it was better than nothing.) And then another piece of Ezeikel with a little bit of peanut butter. That will probably be the bulk of carbs for me today... I plan on a shake for meal 2, sweet potatoes for 3, salad for 4, veggies and tofu for 5, and a shake again for 6. Gotta get my water in today too, I realized I didn't drink enough yesterday! Eek!

What's your target heart rate? My RHR is approximately 56 bps. So my target HR is about 124 bps.  (FYI, about a month ago my RHR was 60-61 bps. Looks like I'm getting fitter  :)   

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