The Nutritionsit

It's ok to be stressed. It's human. The best advice of the day. :) I never thought being honest with myself would actually be difficult when it comes to the way I feel. Here is what I'm talking about...

I saw a nutritionist today, the wonderful Stephanie Solaris, because I can feel my diet isn't working for my competition training and I'm not seeing the results I want. I'm hungry all of the time, I'm also becoming fatigued faster and lazy, and I'm not a lazy person! haha

She gave me some paperwork to fill out that had to do with stress. I'm typically a stress free person. I always say it's takes A LOT to get me going in the wrong direction, whether it be anger, depression or anxiety.  I'm laid back and try to not let things get the best of me. "Try" being the key word while assessing myself. Stephanie called me out on something I said on one sheet and not on another. I said I get anxiety on a regular, but normal, basis and then on another sheet I didn't say the same thing. The question was, "When under stress for two weeks or longer, I.... Feel restless, agitated, anxious and uneasy." 0= never true, 1= seldom true, 2=sometimes true, 3= often true.  I chose 0= Never true.  She then noticed I said "0= Never true" for a lot of things involving stress on the worksheet and said to me "That's just not human. I need you to be honest with yourself." I didn't think I wasn't being honest with myself, but after thinking through the questions again, I am human and I do get stressed out and react certain ways. Although I'm laid back and let most things roll off my shoulder, I still get stressed from bills, time management and the training for this competition! Time to re-asses myself! Not easy!!! So today's lesson learned. I'm human, and it's ok to have mixed emotions when feeling stressed out.  :o)

I also learned that my bad memory, which has been getting worse, is the result of lack of sleep! Phew! I thought I was getting old haha! It makes perfect sense. Although, and bff Sam can vouch for this, my memory is not the best.... BUT it's not nearly as bad as it's been and it's very aggravating!! I'm a lot happier now knowing that there might be a fix for my memory loss. Yay!!! I've also been noticing myself having a hard time concentrating and focusing on things that need to get done. Like my disaster of a room that I keep trying to clean and only get half way through and stop. It keeps getting worse because I just give up and say I'll do it later. Ugh! I'm hoping with her help, I can get my diet, workouts, sleep, anxiety, memory and cleaning in order stat! :)  I need to get my mojo back!