The Update

So for those of you who have been following along, thank you first and foremost, I'm trying my best to get in an every-other-day habit of posting. All part of this time management thing I'm working on! It's getting better, I promise! But I need to update you all on something... If you read my post below, you'll see that I visited a nutritionist this morning. I've been feeling quite off with my new "diet" aka "eating habits" and I've been feeling something isn't quite right. I'm really looking forward to seeing Stephanie Solaris again tomorrow for my second appt and starting a new "diet" that will jive with my figure competition training. That being said... I've decided to see how the next 2 weeks go in terms of my progress and how I feel and if all goes well I will keep my April 9th competition date. If I don't feel I'm going to be as ready as I would like to be in the next two weeks, then I'm going to postpone until a competition on May 28th. ORRRRRR I may do BOTH!!  :)  We shall see!!

But I'll keep ya'll posted.

Happy eating! Nom Nom!