Did you blog today?

:P What an awesome hour with Stephanie yesterday!!! I could seriously talk to her for hours on end about nutrition I love it!!

So we covered A LOT yesterday in regards to well... me, and everything I need to do to get to where I want to be in the next 6 weeks. She put together my individual program plan and explained what everything meant. I'll do my best to reiterate everything here:

Based on my Body Composition Report these are some of the important #'s or factors that I need to pay attention to and improve to see optimal results:

Actual BMI: 23.55 | Actual Phase: 7.3 | Actual BMR: 1633 | % Actual Fat: 27.3 (eeek) | Liters actual ICW: 22.7 | Liters actual ECW: 16.2

Although all of these numbers are important, and will be changing, I am personally most concerned about my body fat percent. Not just because I feel it is a little high, but because it needs to drop significantly without effecting my muscle gains.  My BMR (amount of calories I burn at rest) is 1633 so Stephanie recommended I eat a diet of 1800 calories for the first 1-2 weeks to help lower my body fat percent. The calories will be broken down, approximately, as follows: 135g Protein | 225g Carbs | 20-40g Fat.

My Actual Age: 30.75  (What?!?! Crazy, I know! haha)

This number is composed of a few different things. My body fat percent, my waist-to-hip ratio, my blood pressure (which, to my stupidity, may have been affected due to taking a fat burner only a few hours before the initial consultation) and my lean body mass. My body fat age is 28, my body shape age is 32 (since I carry most of my weight around the middle), cardio age is 35 (which also surprises me) and my muscle age is 28. The average, 30.75. I need to be around 20-22 for this competition, and then hopefully I can maintain an age close to that! :)

My diet: 7 meals a day!!!

I'm actually excited about my diet. Although I know it's going to be difficult, I at least know now what to eat and when. I'm excited about not feeling tired, burned out, hungry and am hoping that my concentration and memory improves! Here is the sample day of eating that Stephanie created for me:

Meal 1 6:45am: 1c Sweet potato | 2c vegetables | 1c fruit | 4oz Protein (this isn't your average "breakfast" meal, but we needed these foods here because of the time of day that I will be training)

Meal 2 9:30am: 1/2c fruit | Dream Protein shake

Meal 3 11:50am: (Pre-workout and during workout) 1 scoop Endura

Meal 4 1:15pm: (post workout) 1.5 scoop Optimizer with 1/4 tsp Vitamin C

Meal 5 3:15pm: (this was originally breakfast) 1 piece Ezekiel toast OR 1/2c oatmeal | 1c or piece of fruit (no bananas) | 1/2 scoop Dream Protein

Meal 6 7:00pm: (dinner) 1/2c sweet potato | 3c veggies | 1/2c fruit | 4oz fish

Meal 7 9:30pm: (before bed) 1/2 scoop with water Dream Protein

My daily water consumption is 3 quarts a day. 2 quarts of which are Flava-water. (3oz unsweetened, organic cranberry juice added to the water) I also will be adding 1 tbsp of ground flax seeds to 4oz of the flava water in the morning and at night.

Can we say I really have my work cut out for me!! This is getting serious!

Right before bed I also need to start practicing my posing! 30-40 minutes every night. :)

Last, but not least by any means, Tuesdays workout. I have now enlisted the help of the all amazing Margarita who has an extensive background in body building. She has offered to help me with my workout regime and I will be working out every body part 2x per week. Tuesday was back and shoulders, and let me tell you it was killer! I don't have any soreness today, but I know I will be feeling it tomorrow! This is what she had me do: (everything was 12 reps and sets of threes, some weights I guessed on or couldn't remember)

Slight incline DB press 20 lbs

Bent over DB flys 15lbs first two sets then 10lbs the last set b/c of form

Seated rear press 20lbs

Seated front press 20lbs

Front DB raises 15lbs

Upright Row 20lbs

Rear Row 20lbs

Rear lat pulldown 40lbs

Front lat pulldown 40lbs

V-bar lat pulldown, kneeling on floor 40lbs

Smith machine single arm row 10lbs ?

Cable cross, bottom to top, single arm pull lightest weight

Shrugs 25lbs

Cable cross, bottom to top, both arms, crossing 10lbs

Wide bar/ grip row ??lbs

Single arm row w/ rotation ??lbs

Pull ups, wide grip, on pull up machine ??lbs

Phew! That's all I've got for now! More to come on the regular!

Hope you all enjoyed today's post! I know I did  :)