My continuing journey....

Ok, so I know I said that I would try to blog every other day, but it's been hard to find the time!!! All of my spare time has been consumed with my training and basically driving from place to place working and running errands. No more excuses! (Thanks again Steph, I'm going to use this one too ;o)  I am going to try to put time slots into my schedule for blogging, even it's only for 10 minutes. I want to keep everyone updated... Now.... where to start when so much has happened?!?!?! (Keep in mind I'm going to try to make this the short version....)

Since my last blog a lot has happened physically, mentally and emotionally. Lets start with the mental... The last I blogged I left off with my new diet and exercise routine on a Thursday. Friday and Saturday I followed my diet to the "T" and then crashed and burned on Sunday night with pizza and ice cream. Let me explain... I had NO idea how much food I actually have to eat to get to where I need to be!! I also never thought I'd ever "complain" about having to eat so much! Did you see what I'm eating for breakfast?! So with the big change in diet, came the big change in how I felt. Almost immediately I felt I had more energy but the downside was dealing with an upset stomach witch affected my workouts. No one wants to workout when they feel bloated and gross, and so I would have to push through Margarita's killer, but fun, workouts and hope for the best. Emotions....When Sunday rolled around I actually was feeling aggravated and stressed again about the way I was feeling and was wondering how I was going to get to where I want to be in 5 weeks?! So insteasd of letting my stress get the best of me and decided to change my competition date OFFICIALLY to May 21st and then binge on pizza and ice cream to "celebrate" my "last meal." Haha. I felt guilty about it, but I also eliminated all of my stress and decided to start fresh, yes again, Monday morning.

Physical. Change doesn't happen over night...

...But in two and a half days of following the diet (and bingeing) I accomplished the following, super exciting, two things: I lost a solid half pound of FAT and gained a solid half pound of MUSCLE. In TWO days!!! Yay!!! Just that alone pumped me up for the week and got me back on track.

Monday through Thursday my diet was on point aside from not being able to resist eating 3 Lara Bars and grabbing a Complete Protein Cookie when I was starving. The day of the Complete Cookie I also snacked on things I didn't need and cost myself, get ready for this, 24g of fat, 85g of carbs, and although the calories don't really matter, 626 calories. OMG!!!!! Writing down everything I eat truly does make a difference because the next day on my food journal I wrote "No more Lara bars!!!!" haha As for Friday through Sunday.... I wasn't on point, but I wasn't far off. The issues being not logging everything I was eating, not being prepared, and not eating enough. On Sunday I decided that the best thing for me is to prep as much food as I could for the week and write down in advance what I would be eating and when. This way I won't have any room for error.

Sunday involved about 4 1/2 hrs worth of cooking and prepping. I managed to get three full days of food prepped and will prep the next three on Weds night. See pics below!!

Ok, off to get my workout in. I will try my best to log about how that is going and how my body is changing later... Oh AND how my appointment with Steph went today!  I'm down in fat and up in muscle again! YAY! Today was a gold star day. :)