Work it out

Time to talk workouts! I've been kicking ass, working hard and seeing results! Yaaaay!! Margarita has been helping me twice a week, and she rocks! We've been working out the following muscle groups together: Legs and back, biceps and triceps, chest and shoulders OR legs and biceps, chest and back, shoulders and triceps. I think I'm going to stick with the second split since after my chest and shoulder workout yesterday I had light pain in my right shoulder. It will most likely be best for me to do shoulders and triceps together and not with chest. Every workout starts with the hardest exercise first and easiest last. Three sets and twelve reps of everything unless it becomes too much and I occasionally stop at ten. I'm going to fill you all in on my favorite/ most challeneging or even funniest parts of my workouts so far...

Working my triceps. Holy crap! haha I've never done so many exercises for just my triceps! The first time I worked them out with Margarita she said we didn't even get to do everything that she wanted to. Seriously?!?!? My arms were numb and they felt great! The funniest part was when she had me on the pulleys doing 5lb kick backs.... By reps 8-10 (out of the 12) I couldn't straigten my arm all of the way! I felt like an idiot - it was only 5lbs!! haha Gotta love working until fatigue and then getting laughed at  ;)  The next time I worked my triceps on my own I saw my first vein in my arm pop out! Not very much, but enough to get me excited since I was working hard and that means I'm losing body fat!!!

My back. Oh my back! I love working on my back because it needs a lot of work and all of the exercises are challenging, but I have to admit I really don't like the T-Bar row... at all! It's heavy and hard and I dread it. But I get through it because Margarita makes me haha. The other day she added more weight and I told her she was going to kill me - all she said was "you can do it." So I did. Bleh!  :)

Chest. Probably my least favorite part to work. I think I'm the weakest there, so I have to work it the hardest and it's really difficult. On the up-side though, I love seeing the results!!! I can really see my muscles start to fill out and it's all the motivation I need to keep going!

My most favorite part to work is my legs. Primarily because they are the strongest, but I really like when they feel worked. I need to work on my glutes a bit more, but besides that, they are good!

Shoulders. I also love working out my shoulders because I'm already seeing results and I love it!!! This is the part of my body so far that when I look in the mirror I think about how I never thought I could look like I do.  :)  However, yesterdays workout was frustrating because I had slight pain/ pulling in my right arm and we had to lower the weights and do less exercises. GRRRRR. I had a 2hr massage that night and asked the therapist to work on them and they feel a ton better today!

Biceps. I worked biceps two days ago and I wanted to throw up at one point because Margarita was pushing me so hard! She gave me a 30lb bar bell to curl while I stood with my back against the wall and by rep 6 I was struggling. I barely made it through the first set, then during the second set she put the 20lb bar bell on the floor in case I needed it. I thought I needed it, but apparently I didn't. It just laid on the floor taunting me. By the third set I felt like I was going to puke I had to push myself so hard. But I'm happy to say, I did it!!!

Last are my abs.... I work them every day and I'm a bit bored and I'm not feeling them as much, so I'm going to ask my fellow co-workers for some new exercises to do. They are definitely strong so I'm excited to see how they look once I lose more body fat.

All in all... I'm loving the workouts. It's completely different from what I'm used to doing and it certainly is even more challeneging than I had imagined. :)

Oh, and lastly. I saw Stephanie again on Monday and ended up with a "gold star" body comp! YAY! Go me!!!! I lost another 1.3lbs of solid fat and gained 0.7lbs of muscles. My water and phase levels were great and my progress is right where it should be.  Word!!!

Gotta run - training time!