Excited for 3pm today.

Some updating on my nutrition... So the diet is definitely getting easier! You saw how last week I prepped all of my food for M-W and I had some left overs. That made life so much easier until Thursday rolled around and I made the mistake of eating some broccoli raab that may not have been good any more! Woops! Broccoli raab smells a little funky in general, so I didn't think anything of it when I went to eat it cold Thursday morning. I mixed some tuna with it and microwaved it. So gross, I know! By the afternoon I was feel really nauseous and ended up cancelling my appts and going home. I slept from 5:30pm until 8:30am, woke up, showered, canceled Friday's appts and went back to bed. It sucked! I hardly ate and forced down water, but by Saturday I was ok enough to get a decent workout in. So my diet was boched for a few days there, but it's ok.

Diet really is everything! The program Stephanie has me on and the change in workout have definitely been doing a body good in different ways. Lets recap of where I was and how I felt when I started...

I was tired all of the time, I struggled through my workouts, I wasn't seeing any muscle gain, and my memory was ummm... what was it? Oh yea, horrible! I felt foggy and couldn't focus and the scale and body fat caliper were not budging. I was stressed and I had more anxiety than usual.  Boo. On my new diet and workout plan...

That's right - put in work - eat your salad - no dessert.

I feel great!!! My memory and focus has improved SO much! Everything seems clear again and I have tons more energy. My workouts are much much easier to get through and the most exciting part.... I can see the muscle gains!!! Yay! I'm definitley getting stronger and can feel it and see it. I'm not nearly as stressed (just typical stress from having to move... again ugh!!) and no more anxiety. I'm sleeping better, the scale has gone down and so has my body fat percent.

Today at 3pm I have my follow up with Stephanie. I'm hoping for another gold star body comp!! I'll try try try my best to post about my results afterwards!!

Gotta run - 9am client.