No gold star but...

So my body comp wasn't bad today... But it wasn't good enough to earn a gold star. A big reason for this is my sickness from Thursday into Saturday. I wasn't really eating much and I didn't workout so I was depleted and ended up losing a little muscle. I didn't gain any fat which is a plus but my other numbers were askew. (spare the details for now, my papers are in the other room) But it's all gooooood. At least there is a logical reason for it! On that note... My caloric intake has been decreased to 1300/day. 130g from protein, 130g from carbs and 28g from fat. This is going to be a challenge for sure! One week to see what happens and hopefully a change from there!

Time for veggies galore!!!

Happy eating! Or ummm happy eating less... Oi!!!!