Progress - yes. There yet? Not quite.

I have exactly 57 days until it's competiton time. Gaaaaa! I still have a ways to go, but I am happy with how far I have gotten already! I finally took some posing/ progress pics only to realize that they are all wrong! haha I guess the website I looked at was incorrect or I was looking at the wrong thing. But regardless, I've been promising pictures so I'm going to post them anyways. (which by the way is still difficult for me to do since I am so critical and I can't stand the way I look from the back - but I'm going to use it as motivation and post away!) I was really nervous/ self conscious having these pictures taken, so my expressions show how I was trying to laugh it off to feel more comfortable. After the first few were taken I was fine. Any comments are welcome, as long as they are nice  ;)  Enjoy  :)