todays stuff

So I was up bright and early to get my cardio in - as you see below- then it was 5 hours of back to back clients. Breakfast was 3 cups of veggies (peppers, onions, a little zucchini and fresh basil with Mrs. Dash seasoning, delish!) and a can of salmon. Around 10 I had a shake with a half a cup of pineapple n it and 11 grape tomatoes.  One o'clock was my workout and I decided to work my biceps and triceps since my back still needs a break from straining it while moving. After my workout I had my usual Optimizer shake then headed home. At home I had a small grapefruit and about a cup of asparagus around 3. At 4 I had a half of a green pepper and half of a cucumber totaling about a cup and a half. Then it was off to babysit, which is what I am doing right now. I've been good so far today and have 3 cups of veggies and salmon already packed for dinner at 630. I'm going to head back to train 2 more clients tonight and then it's home, shower and sleep!! Getting my ab workout in with Kristyn tonight  :) Just an update!

Oh, BTW - my arms are looking and feeling awesome!! Hard work continues to pay off!