One day away!!

Today is the last day before my show. OMG!!! What a ride physically, emotionally and mentally. I've had more gains than I could have imagined, along with a few losses, but all with no regrets and all for the better! I've gained a healthier, happier me while truly learning who I am and what makes me happy. I have a lot of people to thank for that.... So this my "shout out" to everyone who helped get me to where I am today, you are all the biggest and most important gains of this whole process. Whether it was by supporting me every step of the way, challenging me to do and be better, cursing at me to snap me out of a funk or simply respecting my decision to do something that may seem crazy.... I can't thank each and everyone one of you enough for the insurmountable feeling of gratitude that I have that you are in my life.

These are in no particular order as I am grateful on an equal level for each and every person here.

First, I want to thank everyone at Eclipse for being my cheer leaders and a few of you for being on me about eating and not eating what I'm supposed to haha. The support from eveyone is awesome and a constant reminder to try and stay focused because "I got this."

Next are my clients - my friends... Whether you realize it or not, you all are my biggest inspiration. I have a special relationship with all of you and the more I see you push and succeed, the more I push to succeed. You are the reason why I love my job and I hope I am as inspiring to you as you are to me. We all have goals, and struggles and understand the hard work and discipline it takes to become stronger, healthier and happier. So thank you for sharing you journey with me!! Some of the past few months highlights that inspired me:

Doug: Being able to touch his toes!!! :)  That was awesome! He never thought it would happen, and I almost cried. ;)  haha

Shelly: I'm not sure if she realizes this accomplishment, but she wears tank tops now and looks great! She is one of my hardest workers, and is just as crazy as I am when it comes to not stopping. Her motivation is top notch!

Kathy, Kristi, Jenna, Sara and Heather: Talk about people who want this badly. And by "this" I mean to feel like themselves again! The motivation to keep pushing, and to not give up no matter what life throws at them is amazing! I am in awe of Kathy's fight to not give up, we are both fighting our own inner battles and yet still have the will power to keep on going. I love Kristi's clarity in what she wants and knows she needs and Jenna's persistence is like no other! I can't wait for our next re-start  ;) As for Heather and Sara, they both have come SO far already and I'm excited every week to see their strength grow and can't wait for them to meet their goals. I have no doubts they will!!

As for the rest of the best (because I have the best clients ;): My favorite thing is kicking everyones ass! They ask for it and hate it and do it without complaining. They understand what they need to do and nothing makes me happier than seeing them do burpees, mountain climbers or the leg hangs on their own! haha You are all my motivation to just keep doing it even though it may suck!

Duane: I need to send a thank you to Duane. As a competitor himself, he understands the process and understands what it takes to be your personal best and to stay focused. I have a few messages from him that I refer back to from time to time whether I need the reminder or I'm having a hard time, that help me to stay focused, push through and as he says "keep it nice." Haha. He is yet another inspiration. :)

Tiffany:  Thank you thank you thank you for lending me your suit and helping me out with posing!! You rock girl! "Just be confident." I will hear your voice in the back of my mind tomorrow! xoxo

My Kristyn aka Favorite. Where do I start? I feel like I've known her forever! I love this girl to death and her strength and motivation practically kills mine. There is so much I want to thank her for - one major thing being her friendship. Although I'm a Nazi aka Hitler and she's a complainer, we have a great connection and use each other to push through all that is sucky. She's always there for me no matter what, as I am for her, and she has been the one to constantly remind me that I can do this! Not only by saying it, but by watching her own success. I'm pretty sure my eyes welled up at one point or another during one of her sessions/ weigh ins... :)  SO freakin proud of her! We're going to kick ass together! She's a rock!

Stephanie.... Stephanie.... Stephanie. My nutritionist/ therapist/ friend. I really don't think I could have done this without her! She has helped me in so many ways, again I don't know where to start. I have become healthier as a whole. Nutritionally, physically and mentally. I want to thank her for her utmost support and knowing I can do this. I want to thank her for listening to me complain, make excuses/ reasons and hearing my life story as it unfolds into the rising and falling of my body fat percent. lol My dog, effing facebook, being homeless, floods, fraud etc.... My crying. I want to thank her for being hard on me and snapping me out of it when I was ready to give up. I could go ON and ON on how wonderful she has been and thank her for being a part of my life but it would take a few pages more. She is a Super Woman and a true inspiration. Her story alone is enough to keep me pushing but to actually get to see her grow stronger and feel better as I put her through my workouts is motivation enough. A HUGE thank you to Stephanie Solaris!!!

Margarita Romeu. <3  Thank you! How do I thank Margarita or repay her for offering her time and knowledge to help me become a figure competitor?!?!?! A true inspiration with a true love of health and fitness, I couldn't have asked for a better trainer/ coach/ friend!!! Although I feel like I'm going to pass out through half of our workouts haha, I love every second of it. I have never been so strong in my life, nor loved the way I look as much as I do now and I owe a huge portion of that to her. If it wasn't for her pushing me and telling me (while adding more weight) that this is "easy" I may have given up! :)  Another HUGE thank you to Margarita! You're the best!

I know I'm probably missing some people.... but I'm going to end with thanking my family. Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Cousins... Thank you thank you thank you thank you all for being so supportive and patient with me. I know I've been MIA so thank you for knowing and understanding that it's not because I don't WANT to be a "hermit"- because believe me I do want to go out for dinner and drinks haha - but knowing how important this is to me and remaining my rocks!! I also could NOT have done this without you all having faith in me that I could. I love you all more than anything!! Thank you!!

Until tomorrow..... (or Sunday haha) Stay tuned for pics!