Are you salty?


Do you douse everything that you eat in salt? Well... you might want to think again the next time you add this little devil to your food!

Sodium is an essential nutrient, but in excess, it can be damaging. Sodium has been linked to high blood pressure, which causes heart disease and stroke. Beware of labels like “low fat” or “low calorie.” Foods labeled this way are often chockfull of extra sodium

Salt is a big problem for those few people who are salt-sensitive. It's less of a problem for most of us, but still an unhealthy factor in our diets.

The average person takes in 4000 mg of sodium a day. That raises blood pressure by 40/20 mm/Hg in some people, making their RealAges 9 to 12 years older from salt.

To put in perspective, if we eliminate trans fats from the American diet, we would save 50,000 lives per year. So reducing salt to the levels above would have three times that impact.

Salt is sneaky, as it's in foods that we don't associate with salt. Even bread has lots of salt. Sea salt is not safer, but since the taste is stronger, people tend to use less of it.

Salt is the single biggest preventable reason for high blood pressure. When salt is consumed, it activates the same part of the brain as cocaine and heroin addiction!!!! The recommended maximum daily intake of salt for a healthy individual is 2,300 mg; if you're consuming more than that, you are putting yourself at risk for hypertension, vascular and cardiac damage, and obesity in addition to high blood pressure.

So.... you still wanna be salty?!?  :)