as i sit in front of the computer....

I need to improvew my posture when I sit! I'm on my feet all day and so I know I have great posture when I stand... but then when I am tired and sit, I slouch. Not good!

I know changing posture isn't going to happen over night. It took years to develop the habit of slouching, so it is inevitably going to take some time (and discipline) to correct it. So... some tips for everyone... Every time you become conscious of your slouching, immediately correct it. Sit up tall with your neck long and your shoulders down and back. You may find that sitting with proper posture causes the muscles in your low back to burn and fatigue. This is because they are deconditioned due to years of not having to stay activated for long periods of time. Keep working at it though, a small change in posture could mean big changes in other aspects of your life!

Fun facts  ;)

Posture and positioning are important factors you must pay attention to when it comes to spinal hygiene. They play a vital role in everything you do, including standing, sitting, sleeping, and lifting. Your spine is designed around three basic curves that maximize the mechanical advantages for weight bearing and distribution. These curves act like arches in bridge construction, transferring the loads and distributing the stress very efficiently. Looking at your spine from the side, there is a slight forward curve in your neck, a larger backward curve to the middle of your spine, and a second forward curve in the lower back. And while it's normal for the degree or size of these curves to vary from person to person, you should try to maintain good posture whenever possible.

If viewed from the side, in a good standing or sitting posture, the center of your head, the middle of your shoulders, and the center of your hips are in one straight line. This position reinforces the three spinal curves and reduces the structural strain on the muscles, joints, ligaments, and discs. The best way to achieve this position is by elevating your shoulders upward and backward directly over your hips, then raising your chin slightly so you are looking straight ahead.

Happy slump day!