Almost Christmas time!!

Christmas is quickly approaching!!! I can't even believe it! Every year seems to go faster and faster. I love the Holiday's, but I'm always happy when they are over. So.... I made it to spin M,T and W! I lifted all three days too. This morning there was no spin so my roomie Samantha and I worked out. I did 20mins on the stairs and burned over 250cals, then we lifted legs and back. Nothing TOO crazy, but enough that we both should feel it tomorrow. I'm so happy I get to "drill sargent her a$$" first thing every morning now! lol And soon enough I'll get to do the same to our new roomie Nikki!!! I'm so excited for what the new year is going to bring! New goals, more competitions, bigger challeneges and lots and lots of changing peoples lives for the better!

Happy Holiday's! Eat well and enjoy!