HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Three egg whites, cup of spinach and slice of ezekiel. I actually really love this breakfast!! I've been eating it all week and I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. Margarita is helping me out with my diet to help cut some fat and this week has been nice and strict and clean! Next I'll have a yogurt, then it's home made veggie soup with a piece of fruit, a shake for a snack, 5 ozs fish some veggies and a small salad for dinner and if I'm still hungry I can have some almonds or another shake.

To be honest, the first three days were easy.... yesterday was tough!! I was hungry all day. But, I also have been working out hard so I know my body was asking for it. The true test, as always with me, is making it through the weekend so wish me luck!!!

So happy it's friday!!