Train time

Hiya!I'm on my way home from an awesome night at my sisters for a home made Cinco De Mayo feast. Lets just say... I'm not going to be hungry for a few more hours!

Yes, I did indulge quite a bit, but I'm allowed!It's always best to just have what you want otherwise you risk overindulging.

What is your favorite "junk" meal? Believe it or not (because most people think it's super healthy anyways) my favorite meal is sushi! Bring on the spicy-crunchy!!

Well todays plans.... Head up to Tarrytown, NY with my roommate to check out the Artrider show my mom is in. (one of my favorite shows!!) Then back home to cook and prep for the week. Oh, and do laundry and clean, bleh.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a fun Cinco De Mayo! Can anyone tell me what the holiday is for? I love any reason to celebrate, especially if it's with mexican food!



2012-05-05 21.32.55.jpg
2012-05-05 21.32.55.jpg

My sisters 10lbs of nachos lol. Yum!