Ahhhh Monday...

Yesterday I ran 5 miles.... Every single mile I hit, I wanted to stop, give up, and just head back home, but I didn't.  I'm proud of myself for not stopping.  I found myself being a drill sergeant, yelling and encouraging myself to keep going.  I was talking to my body, my legs, my core my arms and pushing that mental boundary.  I told my legs to move forward, my knees to lift and my feet to push off the pavement.  My core was tight and I focused on using my arms to push forward.  It truly is amazing what your body can do when you use your mind to push it.  While most of my thoughts were positive ones like, "You got this" "You're not tired" and "Stay strong" I also was reminding myself of how rewarded I'll feel when I'm finished.... I found myself being a "tough guy" too and yelling at myself, even cursing haha! "Don't be weak!" "Stop making excuses!" and even the occasional frustrated grunt or little yell would come out. "Come ON!!" It felt awesome and liberating!  Once I hit the 5 mile mark, and just when I thought I had nothing left, I decided I was going to do sprint intervals for another half a mile.  I completely rocked it out and had much more energy than I had anticipated.  One of the best 5+ mile runs I've had in a while. Today.... I went out with the intention of running another 5 miles, but only managed 3. Now, usually I would be upset with myself about this, but I truly needed to stop to avoid injury. I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot, along with an old achilles tendon injury and currently a slight shin splint above my right foot.  Sounds like a lot right?!  Well, although they are all good reasons not to run, I listen to my body and stop when I need to. I started to really feel my shin, which lead to favoring the left side and my achilles began to tighten up. I played it safe and stopped at mile 3.  Still an accomplishment!  I have another 3-4 mile run schedule tomorrow so I'm glad I didn't push through today.  After my run, I did a solid 30 minutes of core work (which means no breaks, ahhhhh!) and now I am enjoying my post workout shake and writing this post. :)

Just when you think you you can't go any further, dig deep and push yourself. Find all those reasons why you should continue and why you are working your body in the first place.  It's not going to last forever, and once your finished, you'll be glad you didn't stop.

Feeling good for a Monday!