May the Schwartz be with you


I wasn't always a believer... The "Law of Attraction" and the "Power of the Universe." It sounds, well, like something crazy people talk about. I mean, how can you "send signals" out into the universe and attract the things you are thinking about?? Sounds nutso, right? Well... If it sounds crazy to you, then I'm about to sound crazy too.

I'm truly starting to believe this notion, and I have a few examples to back it up. Today I'll spare you with one. First, and simplest. Positive thoughts attract positive things. If you have read any of my earlier blogs you'll know that this is something I bring up fairly often and is also something I continuously to work on. Smile at someone, chances are they'll smile back. (Unless you are in NYC then someone might shoot you a dirty look and ask what you are smiling at.) It's just like "paying it forward." You see someone perform an act of kindness and in turn you do the same. And just like the positive brings on the positive, so does the negative. I've looked back on the past year of my life and can pin point the good, the bad and the ugly with my state of mind. It starts with all being good in my world..... I quit my corporate job to pursue a career in the field that I love, Personal Training. I'm in love with the decision and decide to take it a notch further and train for a Figure Competition. There were small ups and downs, but all in all I remained positive and accomplished my goal. Then the downfall begins.... I move into a new house, I invite strangers to be my roommates, work is getting slow, I'm gaining back the weight I lost while training, I'm losing control of my roommates, my mind, my body, my health and every thought in my head is a negative one. "I have the worst luck." "I have no money." "If it's bad and it's going to happen, it's going to happen to me." "I'm never going to be where I want to be." along with a whole lot of "I cant's.". Well... All these thoughts came true. I had horrible luck with roommates, which in turn lead to my debt, which affected my work ethic and one bad thing after another kept on happening and I started to give up. During all of my self pity and hiding, I kept on trying to figure out what happened to me, this wasn't me, I'm a workaholic and I am always motivated to do better, why am I laying in bed all day doing nothing? Then it hit me. I looked back on my mental state when things were good and found that no matter what was happening around me, good, bad and ugly, I remained positive and hopeful. Once I realized this, it almost became simple. (and I say "almost" because picking up the pieces doesn't always happen over night and it isn't easy) I dragged my hermit butt out of bed and knew that I had to keep moving, stay positive, and just DO it. I changed my circumstances, I started working my butt off again to get out of my house and no longer have to deal with roommates, I reached out to clients, friends and family for support, rid my life of negative people and bad circumstances and got the ball rolling again. I now have my list of goals and tell myself every day to stay positive because everything always works itself out. And it does, and it has, and it continues to do so.

So there it is. My first blog about the crazy "Law of Attraction" and the "Power of the Universe." (which I am going to refer to as the "Power of the Schwartz" because I'm a dork and i think its funny) I have more to come too! Sometimes the universe works in funny ways too, with a sense of humor, to keep you smiling I suppose. Other times, it's amazing the connections that are made to help succeed in life that come out of nowhere. I now love expecting the unexpected.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason and our journey is our own. So enjoy the crap out of your life- you only get one shot!

To the Power of the Schwartz!! Haha. Keep the good vibes flowing.

Have a Happy Hump Day!