Hiya! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! Today marks the first day of hardcore training and clean eating.  I woke at 6:30am and headed to the gym to do my 30 minutes of HIIT cardio on the stair stepper and then an hour of legs and biceps. I drank a lot of water and ended with 30minutes in the sauna. Breakfast wasn't ideal, but I had a protein packed power bar so that at least I had something. My nutrition plan is going to be primarily like this....

Breakfast: Steel cut oats or egg whites

Snack: Apple and PB or grapefruit or yogurt or light shake

Lunch: 4-5ozs chicken, 2 cups steamed veggies and 1 cup sweet potato/quinoa/ brown rice/ rice noodles reg potatoes

Snack: Same as above

Dinner: Similar to lunch but only 1/2 cup of sweet potato/ quinoa/ brown rice etc...

If still hungry.... Protein Shake or 1/2 fruit

I'm going to end each day with another 30 mins of cardio and 30 minutes sauna. Ahhhhhhh!

A good friend of my family, Marlee, gave me a great book for Christmas this year. It'ss called "Body for Life" and it's great! I haven't finished it yet, and already I recommend it and have a quote that I want to share. When I read this mans story and then this quote at the end of it, I nearly cried. There is not much in life that is as amazing as the strength people have when they over come a tragedy in their lives. It is truly inspiring! Here is the quote:

(this is something he sees himself telling his grandkids one day)

"... I take the opportunity to tell my grandkids a very valuable lesson their granddad learned the hard way. I tell them that sometime during their voyage through life, they're gonna hit a storm. And even though things might get very rough, they should never stop going forward. They must never give up, not even for a moment. If you drop anchor, I tell them, the storm will tear you apart. Look forward, and you will see the beautiful rainbow on the other side. Keep looking forward and move in that direction."

<3 it