Thoughts for today....

If you're starting a new workout routine, new eating habits or both, here a few things I recommend trying to help keep you on track. 1. You must be ready to make a change. This goes for anything in your life that you are striving for. Make the decision!

2. What are your reason(s) for change? Dig deep and really think about this question. Once you have your reasons, write them down.

3. Focus on your future. No more talking about how you "used to be in shape" or "used to eat healthy." Keep the future in the front of your mind.

4. What are your dreams? If you only have one dream, focus on that. Once you have your dream(s) in mind, transform them into goals. Give them a deadline as a way to measure them, and again, write them down! There is SO much truth in the saying "If your mind can conceive it, you can achieve it."

5. Identify three "bad" habits in your life that you feel are holding you back from your goals. Really think about this as well. Once they are identified, replace them with three new "good" habits you would like to achieve. Write both the bad and the good down to keep track.

6. Read what you have written first thing in the morning, and right before bed. Keeping your goals fresh in your mind make them easier to achieve. It's a proven fact ;)

If there is one thing I have learned being a personal trainer it's that my most successful clients don't become discouraged if they have any set backs and practice writing their goals down and reading them on a regular basis. Even I have my goals listed. Studies show that those of us who put it down on paper are much more likely to complete what we have set out for.

Here's to believing and achieving!