Yesterdays Workout

Hola! Yesterday I had a much anticipated workout with my awesome co-worker/ fellow trainer Don Alley.  We are going to be working together to get my butt in shape for my next competition and I'm going to be filling you all in about it! Even trainers need a trainer to kick their butts into gear sometimes. I love having a trainer for a few reasons... 1.) Doing my same old workouts can get stale and boring. Not only am I doing something different, it's new and refreshing. 2.) It's fun having someone to workout with, or in this case, someone to push me further than I typically push myself and 3.) It keeps me accountable. I do not want to disappoint!! All excuses out the door.

The ass kicking Don put me through yesterday went like this...

20 reps of 40lb Kettle Bell Sumo high pulls

15 reps of Squat Thrusts with Hip Twists

10 Burpees

5 Pulse Pushups (five pulses into a press, 5x)


1 minute of Bam Bams with the rope

1 minute of Bear Crawls

1 minute of Spiderman Pushups


Then we repeated from the beginning only changing the 1 minute exercises to 1:15. We made it through a total of 4 rounds in the hour.

Today.... I have a really nice soreness in my quads, shoulders and obliques. It was a great cardio and strength workout. Try it out!!