My workouts

A day after my 2nd workout with Don, it was time for my own weight training. By the way, my homework is 15-20 minutes of jump roping a day. It makes the calves feel nice ;) My Workout:

15 minutes of jump rope to warm up

95lb Squats - 15 reps

Bosu Ball sqaut and lifts holding 25lb plate - 15 reps each leg (this is done by placing one foot on top of the Bosu ball, squatting then standing on top of the Bosu on one leg and lifting the other to engage the core.)

(Repeat those exercises for 3 sets)

Single leg lunges, back leg elevated, holding 15lb kettle bells - 15 reps each leg

(repeat 3 sets back to back)

Dead lifts with 70lb barbell - 15 reps 3 sets with little rest in between

Up right Chest Press: Set 1: 30lbs 15 reps/ Set 2: 35lbs 15 reps/ Set 3:40lbs 12 reps/ Set 4: 45lbs 10 reps - then Reverse the sets. (7 total)

Free Motion Pulley with arms set low (on 8) Underhand grip, arms straight, underhand lift. Set 1: 10lbs 15 reps/ Set 2: 15 lbs 12 reps/ Set 3: 20lbs 10 reps then repeat sets in reverse. (6 total)

Bench Press - 45lbs. This I added in a core movement as well. I kept my legs up straight and performed one bench press, held the bar and performed a leg drop. 15 reps

Sitting on bench, lift legs, hold bench behind, extend legs and then crunch driving knees to the chest. 20 reps

Repeat these two exercises for 3 sets

CORE: 120lbs kneeling crunches with rope pulley - 20 reps - 3 sets with little rest in between.

Cross Crawls (aka bicycles) 3 sets of 30 back to back.

Toe touch Crunches holding 25lb plate - 15 reps 3 sets back to back

The leg workout was killer. Jelly legs for sure!!! However, my legs were already a bit fatigued from my previous workout with Don.