Workout #2 w/ Don

Workout #1 with Don left me with a nice soreness :) Workout #2 Definite soreness and in muscles that haven't been worked in a while. I'm loving kettle bells!!

20lb kettle bell shoulder press - 15 reps

1-20lb kettle bell - holding bell side, arms extended, 15 squats - tough!

15lb kettle bell pendulum swings - 45 seconds - loved these

20lb first set 15lb last 2 sets kettle bell oblique/ lat bends with arm extended (these were awesome and challenging)

15lb kettle bell oblique/lat bends with press

Bear crawls forward and back wards with feet on slide pads. 10 tricep pushups at end.

Repeated all 3 rounds.

The soreness was mostly in my upper back and core. Excellent!