A Trainer With A Trainer

Personal_trainer_showing_a_client_how_to_exercise_the_right_way_and_educating_them_along_the_wayI've been thinking about the fact that I love having a trainer even though I am one myself. Some people may think that it's silly or be confused as to why, so I'm writing this post to tell you.... What I have found so far with my 3 sessions training with Don is that not only is it helping me physically, it is helping to make me a better trainer. I felt this way when I was training with Margarita in NJ as well. I feel it is normal for anyone to become stale and redundant in their daily activities/ job so every once in a while we all need a push and some motivation to spice things up. We need a different approach, a different perspective and to see things from the other side.

Having a trainer for me, since it's what I do, helps me see and realize what I put my clients through. I get to be the client and I've found that I sometimes forget how tough I really do make their workouts and how I can be unforgiving at times. Not in a bad way ever, but certain movements I just haven't done in a while. Training with Don is reminding me what these movements are and what it's like to be pushed!! I have never made a client do anything that I have never done before nor do I make clients do things I cannot do. (with the exception of those who can lift more weight than me, I'm a trainer, not a super weight lifting freak! haha)

So on that note.... Training with Don has reminded me that it is ok to push clients harder, yet be forgiving and modify when needed BUT not always give in to their whining. ;) It also is reminding me of little cues and techniques to use to get someone to push themselves farther. The session needs to be hard yet FUN!! This is what keeps clients coming back for more.

As challenging as working out can be and IS for most people, it's that feeling of accomplishment afterwards that is like a drug. You just want more!! So I say, get off your ass, get moving, and start challenging your body!! It likes it, I promise!! ;)

Check in with a trainer at your gym, and ask for help, advice, ANYTHING!! I truly feel people don't take enough advantage of what it is that we do. I tell clients and people ALL of the time to NOT be afraid to email, call, text, pull me aside if they see I'm free and ASK AWAY!!! I love what I do and I love helping others. It's what successful trainers do!! A perfect example is the fact that Don is HAPPY to work with me!! If he didn't love being a trainer and helping others, there is NO way he would be kicking my ass 2-3 times a week!! WE are going to rock out this next competition together!

Eat, train, sleep, repeat :P

Alright y'all..... I'm done with this little rant. It's time to get back to WORK!!! You should too ;)