More WORK!

Ok... Session #3 w/ Don We started with this killer TRX move, which was frustrating so now I HAVE to work on it and master it!!

Feet in straps, plank position, hands holding 10lb dumbbells.

Perform alt. dumbell rows - knees to chest lifting hips for a core movement then a push up.

... all went fairly well except those damn rows!!!! They are definitely a challenge!!

Next, he tied the rope to a 50lb kettle bell and i had to drag/ pull it towards myself across the gym floor then carry it back, 5x  Felt like I was doing hard labor! ha

Kneeling on the floor, one leg in front (like a hip flexor stretch) opposite hand holding a 20lb kettle bell - swing the kettle bell through your legs and use your glutes and hips to throw the weight upward to then perform a shoulder press. 10x each arm

An excellent, ass kicking move was next... Bam Bams with the rope for one minute. (I definitely was not pacing myself on my first set, I wanted to puke half way throught!)

Now... this next one was deceivingly difficult and the fact that my traps were still very sore didn't help the situation very much.

With 20lb kettle bells in each hand, hold arms straight up above head and walk... Thats it, just walk in a circle around the gym.... 3x After my second round, when I thought I had finished, Don gave that "trainer look" and pointed that I needed to do one more lap. At this point I told him I hated him lol.  It's always love/ hate with trainers isn't it!!! And then I thought to myself.... I do this to my clients all day long!! This is awesome! ;)

We repeated everything 3x and at the very end he added in a little bit of agility...

With a ladder on the ground... I performed low jump squats. At the end of the latter I had 15 seconds of high knee runs with a drop push up in between, 3x. Back down the ladder, then repeat high knees and drop push ups.


Thanks Donald! ;)