waaamp waaaamp

So.... I've been accident prone for that last month. Hence my lack of posts about my awesome training sessions with Jen and super clean diet. A recap of the past month and the idiotic injuries I have received.... 1.) Falling off of my bike like a 5-year-old and bruising the hell out of my knee. 2.) Receiving a cracked rib from a bear hug from a friend. (which may or may not have stemmed from the bike fall....) 3.) Rolling my ankle while taking a step outside of my work. All bad things come in threes right? Well, here's hoping!! Since the rolled ankle I haven't had anything major to report. My rib is 75% better and my ankle I'd say is about 90% better. The bruising on my knee has been gone for some time and the injury itself didn't inhibit me from working out. With all of that being said.... I, for once, decided it would be best that I rest and let my body heal. In the past, I'd muscle through my workouts, which in turn usually makes the healing process take a bit longer. So, this time, I listened to my body and took it easy. Which is very hard for me to do, but I did it!

I worked out a couple of times, very carefully, and didn't over do it. I had to, it's hard to sit still. I definitely let my diet slip, but all in all it could have been a ton worse. Today I had a killer workout and left my legs feeling like jelly. My ankle held up very well, which makes me super happy! However, I will still be icing it tonight just in case.

It's now onward and upward for my workouts! I still need to watch my rib since this injury totally sucks!!! I can't lay on my back to do abs, but I can do plank holds like a champ without it bothering me. So that's what I'll do.

My nutrition is back on full swing starting tomorrow. 

Stay tuned y'all!!