It's not even 5am :)

Good morning!! Time to start blogging again!!!

I'm currently up very early this morning because after waking up to use the bathroom (tmi?) I couldn't get back to sleep. It's my birthday on Saturday, the big, dirty, thirty, and you can put money on that being the reason, along with my new training, for the light switch to stay on.

My gym in DC has agreed to sponsor me for the next three months while I train with a coach to gear up and get ready for another competition. This time around, it's all about the lifestyle change. I know I'm a healthy person, I eat well and I workout, but I'm not perfect, (who is?!?!) and more often than not, I fall off the good nutrition wagon. I don't want to fall off anymore. My mindset is this: I'm using the tools from my coach to reprogram my mind and body so that my overall health, nutrition, workouts, mindbodysoul, are second nature. No more stressing over planning, no more bad eating choices that lead to binging and causing further damage, and no more forgetting how GOOD it feels to be optimally healthy. Yes, I want to compete again. But no, I don't want to train for a show, and then be done with it. I want to train to compete, kick ass, and continue to kick ass!!! This time around, it's all about the maintenance afterwards - second nature :)

I started my training already. So far.... I can't say I've totally sucked at getting back on track, but I'm most definitely not perfect. Workouts as ususal are the easy part, I'm totally on point when it comes to that. I'm certainly stronger than I was at the end of my last competition and these new workouts are only making me stronger. I actually just read most of the training posts from my old blog and giggled when I wrote about struggling to curl 30lbs only 6 times!!  Just yesterday I curled 40lbs, 15 times like it was nothing. Heck yea!! :)  My coach has me doing heavy weights with lower reps at the moment, which is a nice change of pace for me. In between my lifting days I do "300" workouts with Tabata. The "300" kicks-my-ass EVERY time!! But what's so awesome about it, is the endurance and the progress I see each time I do it. Tabata, I love! Fast and furious!! 

Diet... ugh, hate that word!!! NUTRITION!!!! Has been.... Perfect M-F afternoon with the occasional, too late at night food consumption... Friday night through Sunday, the usual struggle! Not terrible by any means, but not optimal. It's so much easier when you have a planned day since there is no room for error. This is a work in progress, and I'm feeling more confident every day that I'm on the right path and that it will be second nature in no time.

So.... Since it's my b-day weekend, YAAAY!! I'm going to indulge however I want, do whatever I want, and welcome my 30's with strength and endurance and continue to power on through and do my best each and every day. :)  My blogging with start again and I'm going to let the good vibes flow!!

On a side note... I'm going to miss my family terribly this weekend. :/  I miss them already!! It's going to be a strange b-day without them, and my Jersey peeps!! But no worries, I will be up there soon enough to celebrate.