Ok, so I had three PERFECT days this week, M,T and W. Then Thursday was great until after dinner... I ended up having wine and snacks and was up until after 1am!! I had a partner in crime, which is no excuse, but it's not hard to twist my arm! Needless to say, I felt crappy in the morning and was kicking myself in the butt. So I picked myself back up and had a pretty good day Thurs until my free Blue Apron order came in! Yaaay!!! (but also, ut oh!!) I had the irrational thought to eat what I felt was the least healthiest dinner I ordered first, I mean, I was already on a roll since the night before! So I made Haloumi Cheese Panini Sandwiches... Which were delicious, salty and a bit too oily for my taste... but still yummy. I have two more not so healthy/ not on the diet plan meals to go that are 2 servings each, so I plan on sharing them with others so that I don't ever do it and set myself too far back. This weeks workouts were awesome! Here they are:

TUESDAY: 4x10 Pull Ups @ 80lb assist - 4x10 Close Grip Pull Downs @ 80lbs - 4x12 Single Arm Rows SS Barbell Curls 30lbs and 40lbs - 4x12 Wide Grip Pulls @ 70lbs SS Rope Curls 4x12 35lbs then ABS

WEDNESDAY: 4x12 Ass to Grass Squats 4x12 @ 95lbs - 4x12 Deadlift @155lbs - 4x12/30 Russian Splits SS Up and Over Bench - 4x15 Calf Press @60lbs

THURSDAY: I taught my Moms & Tots Bootcamp class and did a lot of total body training paired with cardio-strength moves. It kicked my butt so I can only imagine how the class felt!!

FRIDAY: I didn't get a workout in, but that was ok because my body needed the rest and I had a really long work day.

Today's workout I changed my pace. I usually life heavy and take my time through sets, but today I lifted lighter and at a faster pace:

SATURDAY: 4x15 Bench Press @ 70lbs SS with Flys @ 15lbs - 4x15/10 Bar Pull downs @ 80lbs with Tricep Push Ups - 4x10/15 TRX Triceps with TRX Flys - 4x15 Lox Cable Chest Flys @ 7.5lbs

Tomorrow will be a shoulder day and I plan on doing lower weight and higher reps again. I'm gonna burn-em out!!

Happy Saturday! Time to eat and rest.