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Hi! My name is Courtney Connors and I am the Founder of Breathe Fitness. If you are here to learn how to achieve and maintain an optimal level of health, then you've come to the right place! 

I want to start by saying that it took a number of years for me to figure out exactly what my intent was in creating Breathe Fitness. With so many variations and opinions on health & wellness, it's easy to become overwhelmed and not want to take part in any of it. So, I've decided to focus on education to help each client find exactly what works best for them. The process is about creating habits so that each goal is attained through knowledge and without sacrifice of what's important in life. Each program is research based and tailored to lifestyle because we want the type of change that is realistic and will last a lifetime.

Whether you are here to lose fat, calm your mind, move better or simply for some education, welcome! If you have a some time, check out our new Podcasts or Blogs to get a feel for what's going on OR plug in your info below to become a part of our amazing community!

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